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AGT Battery Supply is now SureWay Battery, LLC
Our NEW phone numbers are: 973.890.0615 or 800.223.4456.
We are
proud to serve our customers for over 40 years. We strive to give our customers the best overall value because we know that you are responsible for spending your budget dollars wisely. We share in that responsibility by providing cost effective solutions for your particular need. And in doing so you will always get a friendly and knowledgeable LIVE person when you call. We are not a fly-by-night internet company who is here today and gone tomorrow. We prominently display our toll free telephone number so that you can call us to place your order or just ask a question. We provide you our exact location and we also tell you all of the internet domain names that we own. We don't compete against ourselves by having several company names under the umbrella of SureWay Battery, LLC without the customer's knowledge, with different price structures and shopping carts associated with each, just to gain market-share. We don't play those games.

We represent many manufactures including Motorola, Duracell, Energizer, Ultralife, Streamlight, Empire Scientific, PowerSonic, PM Battery, Embassy, Sigmas, and Crown to name a few. We provide our customers with brand new product, direct from the manufacturer, that has NOT been altered in any way.

Because of the support that we have received from our customers, we have earned a great reputation in the battery business over the last 19 years. Our appreciation for our customers is overwhelming and we look forward to working with all of you over the coming years.

What we specialize in:

Since starting the business 38years ago, SureWay Battery, LLC has grown to become one of Motorola's largest Reseller in the United States for not only batteries but all Motorola Portable Radio Parts & Accessories. We are very knowledgeable of the product line and can very often suggest products that will save the customer money from what they originally thought of ordering.

Our extensive Sealed Lead Acid Battery cross-reference offers a huge selection of battery replacements for Emergency/Exit Lights, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), Refrigeration Monitoring Systems, Alarm Systems, Verizon FIOS, etc.

We have identified several options to the OEM batteries for Thermal Imaging Cameras where we have saved hundreds of budget dollars, per battery, for our First Responders.

We have one of the largest online catalog of OEM repair and replacement parts for Streamlight's Litebox Lanterns, Vulcans, Survivors, etc. So if you have a Streamlight that's not working, instead of retiring the light, you can bring it to a fully functioning life-saving piece of equipment.

SureWay Battery, LLC has worked directly with our US Government customers for the past 25 years.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We collect only the information that is necessary to process your order and notify you of any changes to your order. We do not sell your information to any List Services. A real person reviews each order before shipping.

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This means our website is authenticated with the use of a Volusion Secure Site SSL Web Server Certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. Volusion Secure Site SSL has checked and verified our company registration documents and our site's registered domain name. This information is included in the SSL certificate that was issued to SureWay Battery, LLC. It verifies who we are, where we are located, and that we are authorized to use our domain name.
Note: SSL is not active all the time while browsing a website. However SSL secure mode is started when sensitive information is requested, such as a credit card number. You'll find the Digital Certificate icon at our checkout page. Click on our site's thawte Digital Certificate icon to verify that we have been authenticated.

We ask you for the credit card CID or CVV2 number. This is a four digit number on the front of the American Express Card or the last 3 digits of the number on the back signature section of your VISA or MasterCard. This is requested to prevent fraud. It helps to verify that your credit card is physically in your possession.

What Information We Need For Taking Your Order
When you order from SureWay Battery, LLC there are a few things we collect from you that you should be aware of. We do capture cookies in order for us to keep track of the items you place in your shopping cart. The "cookie" itself does not tell us who you are, your email address or any other personal information about you. It merely allows us to keep track of items in your shopping cart so you can move around the site freely.

All other information we collect from you is given by you for the completion of the order. This includes contact information (billing and shipping addresses, phone number, email address), and financial information (credit card).

Your Email Address
We ask for your email address during the order so that we can send you a shipping confirmation. We can also email you any changes to your order that may effect timing or availability of items. We do not send countless mass email advertisements. We may send an occasional email advertisement. Please inform us if you do not wish to receive email advertisements.

Your Address
We require your billing address, where your Credit Card Statement is mailed to. This helps prevent fraud and allows us to confirm that your order was authorized by you. We may mail you our catalogs and sale promotions. If you do not wish to receive mailings please phone 800-223-4456 or send us an email. Tell us your customer number which you can find on the first line of the mailing label addressed to you.

This Website www.agtbattery.com is owned and operated by SureWay Battery, LLC

You may email us at: info@agtbattery.com

You may phone us at: 1.800-223-0615 or 973-890-0615

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