Motorola IMPRES Technology
IMPRES Smart Batteries and Chargers Keep Your Two-Way Radio Battery at Peak Performance!

The Facts:
IMPRES products are smarter because they “talk” to each other: 

Motorola’s industry-exclusive IMPRES technology allows communication between the charger and the battery, which enables automated battery reconditioning, display of critical charging information and other key benefits. IMPRES batteries have a memory chip that stores all usage information, which can then be accessed and evaluated by any IMPRES charger. IMPRES chargers have built-in reconditioning capability that is automatically utilized any time an IMPRES battery requiring maintenance is inserted. 

IMPRES chargers perform adaptive reconditioning:
Before the availability of IMPRES chargers with automatic, adaptive reconditioning, battery maintenance technicians had to guess at the correct reconditioning intervals. Reconditioning too often wasted battery cycles; not reconditioning often enough resulted in diminished battery performance. IMPRES has changed all that. IMPRES chargers evaluate the actual usage pattern of every battery to establish the optimal reconditioning interval.

IMPRES offers long-term safe charging:
Most conventional chargers transition to a maintenance charge mode at the completion of a charge cycle. Maintenance charge is constant power applied to a battery in an effort to keep it charged over time. This results in long-term heating that can damage a battery, resulting in lost capacity. IMPRES chargers automatically turn off at the end of a charge cycle yet continue to electronically monitor IMPRES batteries every 5 minutes to determine when more energy should be applied to the battery. This process assures that the battery maintains a very high state of charge without sustaining heat damage due to the charger.

Fully charged doesn’t mean full battery capacity:
Most conventional chargers have an LED to indicate charge status. Red indicates charging and green indicates
charge complete. But what does charge complete really mean? The charger is saying that it did the best it could
given the condition of the battery and it is done. However, the resulting battery capacity could be far less than
the original stated capacity for an old or defective battery, yet the user has no way of knowing that with only an
LED indication. IMPRES chargers with displays providethe actual charge capacity of the battery, so you’ll know
exactly how much usage you will get from each battery.

IMPRES charger LED indicators give additional information:
IMPRES chargers have additional LED indication capability to supply you with even more information during
a charge cycle. The alternating red/green LED indicates batteries have fallen below a certain capacity threshold
(typically less than 60% of rated minimum capacity). An IMPRES battery exhibiting a red/green indication is not
defective – it has simply reached a capacity level that may limit its usage.

Competitive batteries ARE NOT  IMPRES compatible: 
Competitive battery manufacturers often claim to be “IMPRES compatible.” While it may be true
that some competitive batteries can be charged in IMPRES chargers, there are still significant
limitations and concerns. The communication between an IMPRES battery and IMPRES charger
that enables automatic reconditioning, display of IMPRES data on display chargers and other
IMPRES features is a Motorola exclusive technology and will only occur with the combination of
IMPRES batteries and IMPRES chargers. Motorola does not test the charge compatibility or safety
of competitive batteries in IMPRES chargers.

Automated battery maintenance:
IMPRES uses a unique communications protocol to facilitate adaptive reconditioning – the charger evaluates the details of the battery’s usage pattern to determine the optimal reconditioning interval. This automated process works to diminish memory effect and optimize the cycle life of the battery and maximize talk time.

Chargers that communicate:
IMPRES multi-unit chargers are available with a two-line display module indicating valuable information such as:
  • Battery capacity (in mAh and percent of minimum rated capacity) and voltage while charging and at completion of charge
  • Time remaining to complete rapid charging (NiCd and NiMH only)
  • Current battery charge status
  • The battery’s unique serial number, part number and chemistry. Knowledge is power. Now you can make informed decisions on battery replacement and asset management.
Environmentally Friendly:
IMPRES charger technology avoids overcharging and the single-unit IMPRES charger with external power supplies consumes 40 % less energy in standby mode than required by the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Support for mixed battery inventories:
IMPRES chargers are compatible with non-IMPRES Motorola batteries. However, automatic reconditioning and all other IMPRES features are realized only when using Motorola IMPRES batteries and chargers.

Extended warranty:
When used exclusively with IMPRES chargers, IMPRES batteries carry extended capacity warranties that continue six months longer than Motorola Premium battery warranties.

Proven Tough:
IMPRES batteries are subjected to the same rigorous testing and held to the same high standards as all Motorola Premium batteries. Actual results of Drop, Vibration and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) tests prove that Motorola batteries outperform the competiti
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