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AGT Battery 6V/4.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery LA640
AGT Battery 6V/4.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery LA640

6 Volt

List Price: $15.00
OUR PRICE: $8.93
Savings: $6.07

AGT Stock No.: LA640

AGT Battery brings you the 6 volt 4.5 AH Battery model # LA640. The LA640 dimensions are: 2.76"Lx1.89"Wx4.02"H HOT=4.25" F1. This battery model comes with the following Terminal connector Type: F1 F1=187 FASTON. 187x.032" Quick disconnect tab HOT means Height Over Terminal. 6 volt 4.5 amp rechargeable lead-acid battery.
Cross  Reference: GP640 GP640F1 GP645 GP645F1 LC-R064R2PU LC-R064R5 LC-RB064P LCR064R2P RBC-1 1000010145 1000010148 1000010149 12-255 12-295 6M1 M1 860.0004 M126 Q4 Q5 CE1-5AA CE1-5BF CE1-5BK CE1-5BL CE1-5BN CE1-5BS 860.0004 ELB0604 ELB060524-1001BP4-6GH640DG6-4D.ECF6V4PE6V4HP4-6CJC640LC-R6V4PPS-640A206/46KB640NP4-6DL0120255.Used in APC UPS Models: BK200 BK200B. 

NOTE: Sealed Lead Acid batteries come charged from the factory. Their shelf life is approximately 9 months before use and required recharging. You must make sure that these batteries are always charged; therefore if they sit on your shelf we suggest that you charge them every 2 months. Store at a cool temperature. Higher temps will lead to increased discharge on the shelf. Lead Acid batteries may not recharge if sitting on the shelf too long without a recharge. When installed in their respective pieces of equipment they will then receive a trickle charge. The following is a partial 

Further Cross Reference list: Able 2 090985V Advanced Power Syste APS46 AGT Battery LA640 Alaris Medical 2001 INTELL PUMP Alaris Medical 522 INTELL PUMP Alaris Medical 821 INTELL PUMP Alaris Medical INTELL PUMP 2001 Alaris Medical INTELL PUMP 522 Alaris Medical INTELL PUMP 821 American Bentley SM0200 OXYGEN METER American Bentley SM0200 STAT METER American Hospital Su 521 PLUS American Hospital Su 522 PLUS American Hospital Su 9009183 American Hospital Su MICRORATE APC 200DL APC 370CI APC AP200 APC BACKUPS 1250B APC BACKUPS 200 APC BACKUPS 250 APC BACKUPS OFFICE 400 APC BP642 APC HC1217W APC RBC10 APC RBK400 APC SMARTUPS 250 APC SMARTUPS 370 APC SMARTUPS 400 APC SU250 APC SU400 APC UPS200 Atlite 241001 B & B Battery BP456 B & B Battery BP46 B & B Battery BP56 Batteries Plus CLTXPA645F Batteries Plus XP645 Battery Center BC640 Battery-Biz B600 Battery-Biz B645 Battery-Biz B661 Baxter Healthcare 2001 MICROATE INF PUMP Baxter Healthcare 521 MICROATE INF PUMP Baxter Healthcare 522 CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER Baxter Healthcare 522 MICROATE INF PUMP Baxter Healthcare 821 MICROATE INF PUMP Baxter Healthcare BENTLEY OXYGEN/ERICSSON STAT METER Baxter Healthcare CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER 522 Baxter Healthcare SM0200 BENTLEY OXYGEN/ERICSSON STAT MET BCI International 7000 OXIMETER BCI International 70000A1 Bird Products Corpor AVAIN PORTABLE VENTILATOR Blue Sky 3XM4 Brooks Equipment BAT64 C & D Batteries GP642 Cambridge Instrument 502 Carpenter Watchman 713527 CAS Medical 9000 CAS Medical 9000 BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR Chloride 1000010045 Chloride 1000010145 Chloride 100001045 Chloride 1001145 Chloride 100R010145 Chloride 6V45AH Chloride 9F4Y Chloride CEL Chloride CML75L2 Chloride CSU06 Chloride CSU6D Chloride QT6 Chloride WPLSP Clockmate Batteries PSLA0604 Criticare Systems 502 Criticare Systems 502 PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems 50245 PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems 502US PULSE OXIMETERS Criticare Systems 503 Criticare Systems 504 Criticare Systems 504 PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems 50445 PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems 504US PULSE OXIMETERS Criticare Systems 506 Criticare Systems 506 PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems 652008 Criticare Systems ENDTLC02 PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems PULSE OXIMETER Criticare Systems PULSE OXIMETER 50245 Criticare Systems PULSE OXIMETER 50445 Criticare Systems PULSE OXIMETER END/TLCO2 Criticare Systems TLCO2 CSB Battery 1091 CSB Battery CP640 CSB Battery GH640 CSB Battery GP640 CSB Battery GP642 CSB Battery GP645 CSB Battery GP645F2 Dantona LEAD 6V5P
LA640 6 volt 4.5 ah rechargeable battery

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