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REX4523   Motorola Pager Cain Onyx 9"
98761H   Motorola Q Extended Battery and Door Kit
PMMN4025A   Motorola Remote Speaker Mic IMPRES Technology PMMN4025A
PMMN4013   Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone PMMN4013A
PMMN4021A   Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone PMMN4021A
PMMN4051   Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone PMMN4051B
RLN5925A   Motorola Replacement Cable Assembly
4205823V01   Motorola Replacement Slip-On Mic Clip
AG4595NMH   Motorola SABER Replacement Battery by Empire Scientific
NTN1624   Motorola Two-Way Radio Commport Integrated Mic/Receive NTN1624
AG6393   MPI 10V/600 NiCad battery
AG639G3(P)   MPI 4watt 10V/600 NiCad battery
AG6391   MPI 7.5V/600 NiCad battery
AG639G2(P)   MPI 7.5V/600 NiCad battery
AG9763   MPR/MPS 7.5v/1000ma NiCD battery
AG9777   MPR/MPS 7.5v/1300ma NiCD battery
AG9763-3   MPX 7.5v/1000ma NiCD battery
AG9777-3   MPX 7.5v/1300ma NiCD battery
AG3278   MRK 7.5V/1800ma Nicad battery
AG5447XT   MT1000 10V/1300 NiCad battery
AG4463   MT500 Omni, HT220, MT700 Radio battery 15V/600ma NiCD battery, DISCONTINUED
MULE2GC010C   MULE 2GC010C Battery Replacement: Gates Hawker X Cell 2V/5AH
MX1500BKD   MX1500BKD Duracell ULTRA AA Alkaline Battery
AG8834   MX300 7.5V/1100 NiCad battery
AG9998   MX300 7.5V/1200MAH NICAD battery
AG5860   MX300 7.5V/1600 NiCad battery
AG8800   MX300-I/S 7.5V NiCad battery
AG9900   MX300-I/S 7.5V/1300ma battery
AG9728   MX300R-I/S 7.5V/1400ma battery, Discontinue, no stock available
N120TA   N120TA: NiCD Cell 1.2V/120mAh
NAB6064   NAB6064: Motorola Antenna Heliflex 29.7-50 MHz 12" Long, DISCONTINUED
NAE6483   NAE6483: Motorola Antenna UHF 403-520MHz,New Part# PMAE4016
NAE6547AR   NAE6547AR: Motorola UHF Helical ANT 435-470 MHz
NAE6549AR   NAE6549AR: Motorola Whip Antenna 403-520 MHZ
NAF4000   NAF4000: Motorola Antenna 806-869 MHz Dipole (new part# NAF5039A)
NAF5037   NAF5037: Motorola Flexible Whip Antenna 800mHz
NAF5039   NAF5039A: Motorola Flexible Whip 800 MHZ Band 806-870 MHz Dipole
NAF5042   NAF5042: Motorola Use Stock# 8505241U06
NATLPWRELD010X2   NATIONAL POWER ELD010X2 Battery Replacement: X Cell 2V/5AH
AG2978T   NB11 11.25/600 NiCD battery
AG2978H   NB600S 11.25v/600 NiCD battery
NDN4005   NDN4005B: Motorola 3-Port Battery Maintenance System BMS
NDN4010   NDN4010: Motorola Leather Swivel Carry Case w/Key Pad Cutout
NELLCOR7200   NELLCOR 7200 Ventilator Battery Replacement: Gates Hawker X Cell 2V/5AH
NELLCOR722   NELLCOR 722 Ventilator Battery Replacement: X Cell 2V/5AH
NEXERGY 400116   Nexergy Rechargeable 3.6V/800mAh NiCad Battery Replacement
NTN9038   Nextel NTN9038 1100ma NiMH Battery IS
SC-1200   NiCad 1.2V/1200mAh Sub-C size
SC-1200-WT   NiCad 1.2V/1200mAh Sub-C size
SC-1300   NiCad 1.2V/1300mAh Sub-C size
SC-1300-WT   NiCad 1.2V/1300mAh Sub-C size
9V-8.4   NiCad 9V(8.4)/150mAh 9v size
N150   NiCAD Cell 1.2V/150mAh N150N
AAA180   NiCAD Cell 1.2V/180mAh sizeAAA
AAA180T   NiCAD Cell 1.2V/180mAh sizeAAA
SCE2000   NiCad Cell 1.2V/2000mAh SubCE
5/F-7000   NiCad Pack 6V/7.0AH
AA-900   NiCad Single Cell 900mAh
AA-800   NiCad Single Cells 1.2V/800MAH, DISCONTINUED
MH-AA1300   NiMH AA 1.2v/1800mAh rechargeable consumer tip battery
70FSMH   NiMH Button Cell 70FSMH
NKN6289   NKN6289: DC Direct Wire Cable for Porta-Pocket Charger
NKN6508A   NKN6508A Replacement cable for NTN1625
NLN3821-Used   NLN3821 (Used) Minitor II Charger Base
NLN4038   NLN4038: Single Unit Rapid Charger 220V
NLN6965   NLN6965: 1.25V/150ma NiCD Battery
NLN7434   NLN7434: Motorola 12.5V/630mAh NiCD Rapid Charge Battery NI
NLN7966   NLN7966: Motorola 6 Port Standard Charger
NLN7967   NLN7967: Motorola Wall Mount for Multi Unit Charger
NM-4AAAPAK/4   NM-4AAAPAK/4: 1.2V/1000 AAA NiMH 4Pak
NM-CHARG-COMBO   NM-CHARG-COMBO: NiMH Charger w/4 AA Batteries
NMN6070   NMN6070: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6082   NMN6082: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6094   NMN6094: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6095   NMN6095: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6128   NMN6128: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone IS, discontinued no substitute
NMN6129   NMN6129: Motorola Public Safety Speaker Microphone IS, DISCONTINUED
NMN6154   NMN6154: Motorola Public Safety Microphone w/2.5mm Jack
NMN6156   NMN6156: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone, Item discontinued
NMN6166   NMN6166C: Motorola Remote Speaker Mic w/2.5mm Jac, DISCONTINUED
NMN6177   NMN6177: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6196   NMN6196: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone, item discontinued with no substitute
NMN6217   NMN6217: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6225   NMN6225: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NMN6227   NMN6227: Motorola Public Safety Speaker Microphone 30" Cord
NMN6228   NMN6228: Motorola Public Safety Speaker Mic. 30" Straight Cord
NMN6243   NMN6243: Motorola Public Safety Speaker Mic. 18" Straight Cord
NMN6244   NMN6244: Motorola Public Safety Speaker Mic. 24" Straight Cord
NMN6246   NMN6246: Motorola Ultra-Light Headset Earbud PTT Boom Mic.
NMN6247   NMN6247 Motorola Public Safety Mic. 30" straight cord
NMN6250   NMN6250 Motorola Public Safety Mic
NMN6251   NMN6251 Motorola Public Safety Mic. 18" straight cord
NMN6258   NMN6258: Motorola Medium Weight Headset With In-Line PTT noise reduction, DISCONTINUED
NNTN4019   NNTN4019: Motorola Charger Base Only 10hr
NNTN4020   NNTN4020: Motorola Leather Carry Case w/ Clip
NNTN4028   NNTN4028BR: Motorola 6 Port Rapid Charger
NNTN4075   NNTN4075: Motorola Single Unit Rapid Charger 2hr
NNTN4077   NNTN4077: Motorola AC Cord & Transformer, Discontinued no subsitute
NNTN4106   NNTN4106: Motorola Plastic Swivel Carry Holder
NNTN4115   NNTN4115A: Motorola High Activity Swivel Leather Carry Case with 3.0
NNTN4117   NNTN4117A: Motorola Leather Cary Case W/ Belt Loop, DISCONTINUED
NNTN4185   NNTN4185A: Motorola Commport Integrated Mic/Receive W/ Body Switch
NNTN4186   NNTN4186: Motorola Commport Integrated Mic/Receive W/ Body Switch
NNTN4187   NNTN4187: Motorola Commport Mic/Receive w/ Body Switch
NNTN4285A   NNTN4285A: Motorola RSM Adapter
NNTN4436   NNTN4436B: Motorola 7.5V/1800mAh Impres NiMH Battery.
NNTN4437   NNTN4437B: Motorola ORIGINAL 7.5V/2000mAh Impres NiMH Battery FM, Discontinued read description before ordering
AG4496   NNTN4496AR 7.2V/1100mAh NiCad Empire Brand EPP-4496 Battery
NNTN4496   NNTN4496AR: Motorola 7.2V/1100mAh NiCD Battery (new part number NNTN4851)
NNTN4497   NNTN4497CR: Motorola 7.2V/2250mAh LiON Battery
NNTN4497CR   NNTN4497CR: Motorola 7.2V/2250mAh LiON Battery.
NNTN4503   NNTN4503: Motorola 7.5V/1500mAh NiMH FPP Battery, DISCONTINUED
NNTN4588   NNTN4588: Motorola Villus Carry Case w/Belt Clip
NNTN4758   NNTN4758 i930 Carry Holster with Swivel Belt Clip
NNTN4851   NNTN4851: Motorola 7.2V/1400mAh NiMH Battery
NNTN4851A   NNTN4851A: Motorola 7.2V/1400mAh NiMH Battery
NNTN4852A   NNTN4852A: Motorola 7.2V/1300mAh NiMH Battery FM Approved
NNTN4970   NNTN4970A: Motorola Slim LiON Battery 1600mAh
NNTN4998   NNTN4998: Pro Install Kit Vehicular Car Cradle
NNTN5004   NNTN5004BP: Motorola Over Ear PTT Headset, discontinued no substitute
NNTN5208   NNTN5208: Motorola Hvy Duty Speaker Microphone
NNTN5405   NNTN5405B: Falcon USB Data Cable w/aux power, Discontinued
NNTN6034A   NNTN6034A: Motorola 7.5V/4150mAh LiON IMPRES Battery New Part NNTN4435, read description BEFORE ordering
NNTN6034   NNTN6034B: Motorola 7.5V/4150mAh Li-ion IMPRES Battery New Part NNTN4435, read description BEFORE ordering
NNTN6263A   NNTN6263A: 7.5V/2000mAh Impres NiMH Battery
NNTN6466   NNTN6466C: Motorola XTS5000 Front Housing Model II
NNTN6467   NNTN6467C: Motorola XTS5000 Front Housing Model III
NNTN6785   NNTN6785 i880 Swivel Carry Holster, discontinued item
NNTN7033A   NNTN7033A: Motorola LiON IMPRES Battery 4100mAh IP67 FM Approved
NNTN7034A   NNTN7034A LiON IMPRES SMART Battery 4850 mAh IP67, new part# PMNN4487
NNTN7137   NNTN7137: Carry holster with ratcheting belt clip
NNTN7194A   NNTN7194A Swivel Carry Holster for i570
NNTN7335A   NNTN7335A: Motorola Lith-Ion 7.2v 2500mAh Battery, discontinued, read description before ordering
NNTN7380   NNTN7380: Motorola 7.5V/1150mAh NiMH MSHA Battery
NNTN7380A   NNTN7380A: Motorola 7.5V/1150mAh NiMH MSHA Battery
NNTN7392A   NNTN7392A Battery Reader Standard Package
NNTN7453   NNTN7453: Motorola 7.5V/3950mAh LiON IMPRES Battery FM & Rugged
NNTN7494   NNTN7494: Plastic Swivel Holster, Discontinued item
NNTN7554A   NNTN7554: Motorola LiON 7.2v 2050mAh IMPRES, Discontinued Read Description BEFORE Ordering
NNTN7593   NNTN7593A: Motorola IMPRES Dual Unit Charger With Display
NNTN7616   NNTN7616B: Motorola IMPRES Vehicle Single Unit Charger
NNTN7618A   NNTN7618B: Motorola Vehicle Mount IMPRES Charger (NOTE: new part# NNTN7618B)
NNTN8128   NNTN8128BR: Motorola, Lion Submersible Battery
NNTN8129   NNTN8129AR: Motorola
NNTN8203A   NNTN8203A: APX XE Remote Motorola Speaker Microphone, Disc, substitute with NNTN8575A
PMMN4045   Noise Canceling Motorola Remote Speaker Mic PMMN4045
AAHMN9053   Noise Canceling Remote Speaker Microphone AAHMN9053 (new part PMMN4039)
NRN4763   NRN4763B: Minitor II Top Cover Bronze
NRN4974   NRN4974: Minitor II Pager Battery NiMH Battery (same voltage as original)
NRN6349   NRN6349: Minitor II Nylon Carry-Case Black, discontinued
NRN6708   NRN6708A: Motorola Minitor II Pager Function Knob Stored Voice, DISCONTINUED
NTN1032   NTN1032: Motorola Carry Case Urethane w/ T-Strap
NTN1033   NTN1033: Motorola Urethane Swivel Carry Case
NTN1168   NTN1168: Motorola Enhanced Rapid Charger NiCD NiMH; new # WPLN4111
NTN1177   NTN1177: Motorola 6 Port Rapid Charger Tri-Chem (new# PMPN4134)
NTN1178   NTN1178: Motorola 6 Port Rapid Charger Tri-Chem 22OVolt; new #WPLN4109
NTN1308   NTN1308: Motorola Dual Enhanced Desktop Charger (new# HKTN4004)
NTN1402   NTN1402: Motorola Dual Pocket Desktop Charger 3 Step (new# HKTN4004B)
NTN1535A   NTN1535A: Motorola HI ACTIVITY D BTN & 3" B/LOOP
NTN1623   NTN1623: Motorola Commport Integrated Mic/Receive Palm PTT
NTN1625   NTN1625: Motorola Commport Integrated Mic/Receive PTT On Adapter
NTN1628   NTN1628: Use Stock# NTN8655
NTN1667   NTN1667: Motorola Single Unit Rapid Charger- NiMH, LiON
NTN1668   NTN1668: Motorola Single Unit Tri-Chemistry Charger- NiCD, Discontinued, no stock
NTN1676   NTN1676: Motorola Battery
NTN1736   NTN1736: Motorola Commport Integrated Microphone w/ Side PTT
NTN2054AMOT   NTN2054AMOT: Slim Battery Cover Silver i730
NTN2074   NTN2074: Motorola Mini Keyboard, item discontinued, no stock
NTN2110MOTA   NTN2110MOTA Motorola Slim Battery Door for I830
NTN2153MOTA   NTN2153MOTA Standard Battery Door for i860
NNTN2291MOTA   NTN2291MOTA: Motorola Standard Battery Door For i870
NTN2294MOTA   NTN2294MOTA Motorola Standard Battery Door for i836
NTN2357NA   NTN2357NA Battery door max capacity Diamondback
NTN2446MOTA   NTN2446MOTA Max Capacity Battery Door for i570
NTN4313   NTN4313: Motorola 12.5V/630ma NiCD Battery IS
NTN4534   NTN4534: Motorola 7.5V/1300mAh NiCD Battery IS
NTN4538   NTN4538: Motorola 7.5V/1100ma NiCD Battery IS NI Subm
NTN4564   NTN4564: Motorola 10V/630mAh NiCD Battery, item DISCONTINUED, no stock
NTN4584   NTN4584: Motorola 10V/630ma NiCD Battery IS No longer available
NTN4592   NTN4592: Use Stock# NTN4593
NTN4593   NTN4593: Motorola 7.5V/1100mAh NiCD Battery, new part number NTN4595
NTN4593DR   NTN4593DR: Motorola 7.5V/1100mAh NiCD Battery, new part number NTN4595
NTN4595   NTN4595: Motorola 7.5V/1800mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued you will received a Generic Brand Battery
NTN4595DR   NTN4595DR: Motorola 7.5V/1800mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued, you will receive a Generic Brand Battery
NTN4596   NTN4596: Motorola 7.5V/1650mAh NiMH IS Battery, new number NTN8251AR, Discontinued with no substitute
NTN4596DR   NTN4596DR: Motorola 7.5V/1800ma NiCD Battery, new number NTN8251AR
NTN4667   NTN4667A: Motorola Regular charge rate compact 220V 50-60 Hz
NTN4741   NTN4741: Motorola 2.5" Radio Belt Clip (Not for SecureNet) DISCONTINUED
NTN4788   NTN4788: Motorola 3" Belt Clip for Saber Secure Net Radio
NTN4812   NTN4812: Motorola Audio Adapter for 2.5mm Jack, item DISCONTINUED, no stock
NTN4849   NTN4849: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
NTN4924   NTN4924: Motorola Radio Belt Clip 2-1/4"
NTN4992   NTN4992: Motorola 7.5V/1800mAh NiCD Battery IS NI Submersible
NTN5050   NTN5050: Motorola Public Safety Speaker Microphone UHF, item DISCONTINUED, no stock
NTN5212   NTN5212: Motorola Ear jack Accessory Adapter for BDN6717
NTN5213   NTN5213: Motorola Headset Accessory for Surveillance
NTN5243   NTN5243: Motorola Shoulder Carry Strap Black Nylon

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