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HLN9946   HLN9946: Keypad Leather Case w/Belt Loop, DISCONTINUED
HLN9952A   HLN9952A Belt Clip Carry Holder
HLN9973   HLN9973: Replacement T-Strap
HLN9998   HLN9998: Leather Swivel Case Limited KeyPad
HMN1035   HMN1035C: Heavy Duty Microphone for Mobile Radio
HMN1038   HMN1038: Motorola Base Station Mic
HMN1056   HMN1056D: Compact Mobile Microphone & Coil Cord
HMN3000   HMN3000: Desk Microphone for SM50 (Blk) new part# RMN5068
HMN3008   HMN3008: Speaker Microphone, DISCONTINUED ITEM
HMN3174   HMN3174B: Mobile Microphone Standard TX LED, DISCONTINUED
HMN3220B   HMN3220B: Motorola Standard Compact Microphone / Hangup Kit
HMN3596A   HMN3596A: Compact palm microphone with 7 foot coil cord
hmn4101   HMN4101B: Motorola IMPRES Speaker Micophone
hmn4103   HMN4103B: Motorola IMPRES Speaker Micophone w/ Display
HMN4104   HMN4104B: Motorola IMPRES Noise Cancel Speaker Micophone
HMN8435   HMN8435: Pellet Style Earpiec w/Clip Mic & PTT
HMN9013   HMN9013A: lightweight Headset w/Swivel Boom Mic
HMN9031   HMN9031: Remote Speaker Microphone
HMN9036   HMN9036A: Earbud w/Clip Microphone & PTT
HMN9042   HMN9042: Earpiece w/o Volume Control
HMN9051   HMN9051A: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
HMN9083   HMN9083: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
HMN9727   HMN9727: Loop Earpiece Receiver Beige
HMN9754   HMN9754: Earpeice & PTT Microphone 2wire Beige
HMN9787   HMN9787: Lightweight Headset w/Swivel Boom Mic
HMNN4024CR   HMNN4024CR: 7.5V/1320mAh LiON Battery
HNN4001A   HNN4001A: 7.5V/1900mAh NiMH Motorola Original IMPRES Battery
HNN4002A   HNN4002A: 7.5V/1800mAh Motorola Original NiMH Battery IMPRES (IS)
HNN4003A   HNN4003A: Motorola ORIGINAL 7.5V/2000mAh Li-Ion Battery IMPRES
HNN4003BR   HNN4003BR: Motorola ORIGINAL IMPRES Battery 7.5V/2000mAh Li-Ion
NTN5451   HNN5451: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD: Discontinued by Motorola
NTN5451B   HNN5451B: Motorola 10V/1100mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued by Motorola
HNN8133   HNN8133: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh LTD- Battery IS
HNN8133C   HNN8133: Motorola C 7.5V/1200mAh LTD- Battery IS
HNN8148   HNN8148: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued, you will receive an Aftermarket Battery
HNN8148B   HNN8148B: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued, you will receive an Aftermarket Battery
AG9009-NIMH   HNN9009 7.5V/2700mAh NiMH Empire Brand EPH-9009 Battery
HNN9009-NIMH   HNN9009-NIMH: 7.5V/2700mAh NiMH Battery
HNN9010AR   HNN9010AR: Motorola 7.5V/1650 NiMH Battery ISNI, Discontinued, read description before ordering
HNN9011BR   HNN9011BR: Motorola 7.5V/1200 NiCD Battery ISNI, new part number HNN9010
HNN9011   HNN9011BR: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery ISNI, new part number HNN9010
HNN9012   HNN9012: Motorola 7.5V/1300mAh NiCD Battery, now HNN9008 NiMH battery
HNN9012BR   HNN9012BR: Motorola 7.5V/1300mAh NiMH Battery, new part number HNN9008
AG9013   HNN9013 7.5V/1800mAh LiON Empire Brand EPI-9013 Battery
HNN9013DR   HNN9013DR: Motorola 7.5V/1500mAh LiON Battery
AG9018   HNN9018 7.5V/1200mAh NiCad Empire Brad EPP-9018 Battery
HNN9018   HNN9018: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery, new part AG9018
HNN9018BR   HNN9018BR: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery, new part AG9018
HNN9027   HNN9027: Motorola 11.25V/650mAh NiCD Battery see part number AG9027
HNN9027A   HNN9027A: Motorola 11.25V/650mAh NiCD Battery see part number AG9027
HNN9028   HNN9028: Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1500mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued, replaced with WPNN4013
HNN9028AR   HNN9028AR: IMPRES 7.5V/1500mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued, replaced with WPNN4013
HNN9029   HNN9029: Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1500mAh NiCD Battery IS, Discontinued, replaced with NTN7143DR
HNN9029AR   HNN9029AR: Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1500 NiCD Batt IS, Discontinued, replaced with WPNN4013
HNN9031   HNN9031B: Motorola IMPRES - No longer available. You must order NNTN4435
HNN9031B   HNN9031B: Motorola IMPRES - No longer available You must order NNTN4435
HNN9032B   HNN9032B: Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1525 NiCD Batt IS
HNN9032   HNN9032B: Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1525mAh NiCD Battery IS
HNN9034   HNN9034: Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1800mAh NiCD Battery IS, DISCONTINUED
HNN9034B   HNN9034B Motorola IMPRES 7.5V/1800 NiCD Batt IS (new # HNN9034C), DISCONTINUED
HNN9044   HNN9044 Motorola Original 7.5V/550mAh NiCD Battery, you will receive an aftermarket replacement
HNN9044AR   HNN9044AR: Motorola Original 7.5V/550mAh NiCD Battery, you will receive an aftermarket battery
AG9049   HNN9049 7.5V/1200mAh NiCad Empire Brand EPP-9049 Battery
AG9049-NIMH   HNN9049 7.5V/2000mAh NiMH Empire Brand EPH-9049 Battery
HNN9049B   HNN9049B: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery (new part# HNN9051)
HNN9050   HNN9050: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery Full FM IS, new part HNN9051 NON IS battery, please see full description
HNN9050B   HNN9050B: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery IS, new part HNN9051, Please read full description
HNN9051   HNN9051: Motorola 7.5V/1600mAh NiMH Battery
HNN9051A   HNN9051A: Motorola 7.5V/1600mAh NiMH Battery
HNN9056   HNN9056: Motorola 7.5V/630mAh NiCD Battery, new part AG9044
AG9360   HNN9360 7.5V/1200mAh NiCad Empire Brand EPP-9360 Battery
HNN9360   HNN9360: Motorola 7.5V/1000mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued
HNN9360C   HNN9360C Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery
HNN9361   HNN9361: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery IS
HNN9361B   HNN9361B: Motorola 7.5V/1200 NiCD Battery IS
AG9628NMH   HNN9628 7.5V/1650 NiMH Empire Brand EPH-9628 Battery
HNN9628   HNN9628: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Discontinued with no substitute
HNN9628B   HNN9628B: Motorola 7.5V/1100mAh NiCD Battery, Discontinued with no substitute
HNN9701   HNN9701: Motorola 7.5V/1200mAh NiCD Battery Full-IS
HNN9701B   HNN9701B: Motorola 7.5V/1200 NiCD Battery Full-IS
AG9720   HNN9720 3.6V/900mAh NiMH Empire Brand EPH-9720 Battery
HNN9808   HNN9808: Motorola 7.5V/600mAh NiCD Battery ISNI
HP311949-001   HP311949-001: 3.7V/900mAh LiON PDA Battery
HSN8145B   HSN8145B: Motorola External speaker 7.5watt
AG4013   HT1000 7.5V/2100 NiMH Radio Battery AG4013
AG7147   HT1000-I/S 7.5V/1500 battery
AG6900   HT220 Omni 15V/600 NiCad battery (please order AG4463)
AG6761   HT220 OMNI 15V/600 NiCD Battery
AG6899   HT220 slim 15V/250 NiCad battery, Discontinued
AG6682   HT220 slim 15V/250ma NiCD battery, Discontinued, no substitute
AG7694   HT440 12.5V/650 NiCad battery
AG7640   HT440-I/S 12.5V/630 Nicad battery
AG5453   HT50 10V/1200mAh NiCad battery
AG5413   HT600/800 10V/1200 battery
AG5414NIMH   HT600/800 10V/1200 battery grey
AG5414XT   HT600/800 10V/1500mah battery
AG5415   HT600/800 I/S 10V/1100 NiCad battery
AG7434   HT90 12.5V/650 NiCad battery
HTN8232   HTN8232: Motorola AC Charge Adapter w/ Radio Plug, Discontinued
HTN9000D   HTN9000D: Motorola Charger Tri-Chem, Charger Base ONLY
HTN9013   HTN9013: Motorola Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger
HTN9026   HTN9026: Motorola Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger
HTN9042   HTN9042: Motorola Battery Charger
HTN9043   HTN9043: Motorola Single Unit Inteli-Charger w/ Euro Plug 220
HTN9060   HTN9060: Motorola 6 Port Rapid Charger NiCD & NiMH
HTN9204   HTN9204: Motorola Desktop Charging Tray
HTN9295   HTN9295: Motorola 6 Place Charger Shelf
HTN9748   HTN9748: Motorola 6 Port Rapid Charger 1 Hour NICD
AG2483   HX200S 10v/425ma NiCad battery
AG26206   HX200S 10v/425ma NiCad battery
AGCM2-F   IC A2/H/U2/H 7.5v/600 NiCD battery
AGCM8   IC-A2/HU2 8.75v/1200 NiCD battery
AGCM8-F   IC-A2/HU2 8.75v/1200 NiCD battery
AGCM7   IC-A2/U2/U12 13.8/600 NiCD battery
AGCM5   IC-A2H/U2/H6 11.25v/600 NiCD battery
AGCM5-F   IC-A2H/U2/H6 11.25v/600 NiCD battery
AGCM142MH   IC-F30LT F40LT 7.2v/2200 Nimh battery
AGCM7(F)   ICA2/U2/U12 13.8/600 NiCD battery
AGP84   ICM-7 SA/SAT 7.2v/1400 NiCD battery
AGBP254   Icom equivalent battery 7.4V/3040mAh LiON
AGBP196   ICOM NiCad Battery Replacement 9.6V/1050 mAH
AGBP196-NIMH   ICOM NiMH Battery Replacement 9.6V/1600 mAH
FLN2270   iDen Handset & Label for
AG8614   iDen i1000 3.6v/850mah LiON battery
AG8100   iDen i600/i390 2200ma NiMH battery
LM394   Indicator lamp Style T-1-3/4
4305373Z02   Insert for the Frequency Control Knob 3605370Z01
INTERASLA1220   INTERSTATE BATTERY ASLA1220 Battery Replacement: Gates Hawker X Cell 2V/5AH
JMLN4638A   JMLN4638A: Motorola Dust Cover Kit AOBA for EX600
JMMN4073   JMMN4073: Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone (New Part # PMMN4022A)
JMNN4023   JMNN4023: Motorola 7.5V/1000mAh LiON Slim Battery, Discontinued you will received JMNN4024
JMNN4023BR   JMNN4023BR: Motorola 7.5V/1000mAh LiON Slim Battery, Discontinued, you will receive JMNN4024
JMNN4024CR   JMNN4024CR: Motorola 7.5V/1320mAh LiON Battery
JMZN4023   JMZN4023: Motorola Plastic Carry Holster w/Swivel Clip
KEBT-071-C   KEBT-071-C: Motorola 3.6V/600mAh NiMH Battery for Motorola TalkAbout, 2 Batteries and 1 Charger
53615   KEBT-071-D Motorola 3.6V/650mAh NiMH Battery, includes 2 batteries and 1 charger
AGKNB12   Kenwood KNB-12A Replacement Battery (NiCD)
AGKNB17-NIMH   Kenwood KNB-17A Replacement Battery (NiMH)
AGKNB24   Kenwood KNB-24LI Replacement Battery (Li-ion)
AGKNB25   Kenwood KNB-25A Replacement Battery (NiCD)
AGKNB26   Kenwood KNB-26A Replacement Battery (NiMH)
AGKNB29N   Kenwood KNB-29N Replacement Battery (NiMH)
AGKNB31   Kenwood KNB-31A Replacement Battery (NiCD)
AGKNB32   Kenwood KNB-32 Replacement Battery (NiMH)
AGKNB35LI   Kenwood KNB-35LI Replacement Battery (Li-ion)
AGKNB47L   Kenwood KNB-47L Replacement Battery (Li-ion)
AGKNB15-NIMH   Kenwood KNB-B15 Replacement Battery (NiMH)
7502565Y04   Keypad with standard text MCS2000
AGKNB12-NIMH   KNB-12-NiMH: 7.2V/1650mAh NiMH Battery Generic For Kenwood KNB12A
KNB-12A   KNB-12A: 7.2V/1100mAh NiCD High Quality Aftermarket Battery
AGKNB14   KNB-14 Replacement: 7.2V/1050 NiCD Battery for Kenwood KNB-15A
KNB-14-NIMH   KNB-14-NiMH: 7.2V/1400 NiMH Battery for Kenwood After Market
KNB-15A   KNB-15A: 7.2V/1500 NiCD High Quality Aftermarket Battery
KNB-17A   KNB-17A: 7.2V/1500 NiCD High Quality Aftermarket Battery
KNB-29N ANTENNA   KNB-29N ANTENNA: Antenna for Kenwood Radio Model TK2202
KNB-29N BELT CLIP   KNB-29N BELT CLIP: Battery Clip for Kenwood KNB-29N Battery
KNB-29N CHARGER   KNB-29N CHARGER: Charger for Kenwood NiMH Battery KNB-29N
KNB-14   KNB14: 7.2V/1050 NiCD Battery for Kenwood KNB-14
EPP-KNB15   KNB15: KNB-15A 7.2V/1500 NiCD High Quality Battery
3602100U001   Knob Channel Selector Motorola
LA12100   LA12100: 12V/10ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery F1
LA1212   LA1212: 12V/1.2AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12180-F2   LA12180-F2: 12V/18.0AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12200B1   LA12200B1: 12V/22AH SLA Battery N&B
LA1223   LA1223: 12V/2.3AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12260-F2   LA12260-F2: 12V/26AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12260-NB   LA12260-NB: 12V/26AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA1230   LA1230: 12V/3.4AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12330   LA12330: 12V/33AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery Nut & Bolt Connector
LA12331-NB   LA12331-NB: 12V/31ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery NB 2/Case
LA12350   LA12350: 12V/35AH SLA Battery N&B
LA12360-L-F2   LA12360-L-F2: 12V/36ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery F2
LA12400   LA12400: 12V/40AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA1245   LA1245: 12V/4.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery F1
LA12500   LA12500: 12V/50AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12550   LA12550 12V/55AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA1270   LA1270: 12V/7.0AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery F1
LA1285   LA1285: 12V/7.0AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery F1
LA1290   LA1290: 12V/9.0 amp hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA12900   LA12900: 12V/90AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery N&B
LA2001   LA2001 Lead acid battery 6v/2.5AH
LA2006   LA2006 Dualite 12-706 (2006) 6V/5Ah
LA4100   LA4100: 4V/10AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA445   LA445: 4V/4.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA486WL   LA486WL: 4.8V/600mAh NiCad Battery
LA6-225-NB   LA6-225-NB: 6V/225ah Lead Calcium Battery
LA6100-F2   LA6100-F2: 6V/10.0AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery F2 Terminal
LA612   LA612: 6V/1.2AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA613   LA613: 6V/1.3AH OR 6V/1.2AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA6180   LA6180: 6V/18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Discontinued no stock available
LA6200-NB   LA6200-NB: 6V/20AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA625   LA625: 6V/2.5ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery 16/case
LA630   LA630: 6V/3AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA632   LA632: 6V/3.2AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA6360-F2   LA6360-F2: 6V/36AH 6V/36AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery F2
LA6420   LA6420: 6V/42AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA665   LA665: 6V/6.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA680-KAUFEL   LA680-KAUFEL: 6V/8AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA680   LA680: 6V/8.0AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
LA695   LA695: 6V/9.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery (NOW 6V/9.5 is 6V/14AH)

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