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100003A070   - Chloride 100003A070: 2.4V/600mAh NiCad battery
120745   00120745: 6V/1.8AH NiCad - DualLite
0105959N54   0105959N54: Mic Clip 4-Screw Mount, item Discontinued
012-745E   012-745-E: 1.2V/1200mAh NiCad Battery W/ Pigtail
0180302E27   0180302E27: AC Transformer for a Smart RIB, DISCONTINUED no stock available
0180305K52   0180305K52 Motorola Advisor Pager Clear Holster.
0180415E03   0180415E03: Short Battery Door Cover, discontinued by Motorola
0180415E04   0180415E04: Assembly Latch Cover Long, Discontinued with No Substitute
0183938B03   0183938B03: Antenna Rod 152-162mHz
0800-0072   0800-0072: 12V/5AH X Cells Pure Lead Battery
0800-0109   0800-0109: 12V/5AH Pure Lead Battery
0809-0010   0809-0010 Dualite 4V/5AH Battery F2; Use Stock# DL12-704
0809-0016   0809-0016: 12V/5AH Pure Lead Battery
0809-2015   0809-2015: 12V/5AH Hawker Battery Pack
0810-0104-WL   0810-0104-WL: 8V/ 2.5AH Pure Lead Battery Pack
0810-0104   0810-0104: 8v/2.5AH Pure Lead Battery Pack
0819-0019   0819-0019: 8v/2.5AH Pure Lead Battery
0859-0020   0859-0020: 12V/8AH Pure Lead Battery Pack
AA1100-PAN   1.2V/1100mah NiCad Battery pANASONIC
ELB1210N   1.2V/1200MAH NiCad Cell: ELB1210N
LITHONIA ELB1201N   1.2V/1200mAh NiCD(4/5AF)
LITHONIA ELB1210N   1.2V/1200mAh NiCD(4/5AF) Lithonia Replacement Battery(ELB1210N)
SL10020   10020: Streamlight accessory red lens
LA12C4   12C4 Emergi-Lite: Battery Replacement
TROJAN-31-AGM   12V/110Ah SLA Battery Equivalent W/ 1/4" stainless steel stud
CFM12V12.5L   12V/12.5AH Eagle Picher Equivalent
LA12120   12V/12ah Sealed Lead Acid F2 Battery LA12120
LA12180-NB   12V/18.0AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery LA12180-NB
NP12-12   12V12AH Yuasa See lA12120
1380475C02   1380475C02: Front Label Replacement for Housing, Discontinued no substitute
1402527M01   1402527M01: Minitor II Reset Boot, item discontinued, no stock available
1562939B01   1562939B01: DISCONTINUED
1562939B03   1562939B03: Minitor III Battery Door Replacement, Discontinued
1571477L01   1571477L01: Dust Cover for XPR Series Radios
1580384N73   1580384N73: Minitor IV Belt Clip - Bronze, discontinued with no inventory left
1580419D   1580419D: Use Stock # 0180415E03
1580570D03   1580570D03: Back Housing Cover-Hi Cap
1580656B04   1580656B04: Housing ONLY Replacement Part
LA1007.2   2- 6V/10ah 12V SLA battery pack
SL20X   20X Streamlight Original Flashlight Black Aluminum AC/DC
SL20XP   20XP Streamlight Original Poly Flashlight
0180358A56   220V Power Supply for the Motorola Radio Model MTS2000
2280384N74   2280384N74: Minitor IV Pin for Belt Clip (1580384N73)
2282591C17   2282591C17: Minitor II: Roll Pin 25-Pak
2504548T13   2504548T13: 110-120V AC Transformer (new Motorola part# EPNN9288A)
2505050L03   2505050L03: Power Supply for Minitor III Amplified Charger (discontinued item, no stock available)
2505735S09   2505735S09: Replacement AC Power Adapter for Charger
2562601A03   2562601A03: Power Supply for NLN3821 Charger (please see description for details)
2575178C02   2575178C02: AC Power Supply for RLN5703C Charger
2580162R01   2580162R01: AC Adapter Only for Charger Base
2580384M60   2580384M60: AC Power Supply, discontinued no longer in stock
2580384R41   2580384R41: Minitor V Charger power supply ONLY new part number RLN5703, please see description for details
2580427B01   2580427B01: Power Supply for Multi-Unit Charger, Discontinued
25806000   2580600E01 Motorola 12volt Transformer
2580600E01   2580600E01 Motorola 12volt Transformer
2580600E05   2580600E05: Motorola AC Transformer for Travel Charger
2584208P01   2584208P01: 220V Line Cord for NLN4038
2CR5   2CR5: 6 Volt Photo Lithium Battery
LITH-21-3R   3.6V/1200mAh
COMP-219   3.6V/2750mAh Maxell AA Lithium w/ Axial Leads
3002120F02   3002120F02 : 240V Charger Line Cord UK
3060665A04   3060665A04: 120V Charger Line Cord, Discontinued, not stock available
3060665A05   3060665A05 : 220V Charger Line Cord Euro Plug
3080369B72   3080369B72: Cable for RIB to PC 9-Pin
3080384G15   3080384G15: Optional DC Cigarette Plug
3082494J06   3082494J06: Line Cord for NLN4038 NLN8858
3086033D01   3086033D01: Pagewriter PC Cable
3202462Y03   3202462Y03: Motorola Gasket Housing
3205514W01   3205514W01: Seal/Dust Cover for Microphone Port
3305345L05   3305345L05: Minitor II Nameplate Replacement, item discontinued, no stock available
3580666B01   3580666B01: Felt Speaker Cover for SP10 Housing
3605254V01   3605254V01: Motorola Replacement Knob 16 Frequency, discontinued
3605370Z01   3605370Z01 Frequency Control Knob for XTS5000 XTS3000 (Pack of 5)
3605371Z02   3605371Z02: Motorola Volume Control Knob, pack of 5 Knobs
3605636V01   3605636V01 Frequency Knob
3680146S03   3680146S03: Volume Knob, Discontinued with no substitute
3680461U01   3680461U01: Motorola Replacement Volume Control Knob, Discontinued
3680583B01   3680583B01: Volume knob for P110 Radio
3680584B01   3680584B01: Motorola Knob Frequency for 2-Channel for P110, discontinued no stock
3685804A02   368504A02: Volume Knob, item discontinued
3805110X01   3805110X01: Universal Dust Cap
3COM BATTERY   3COM BATTERY SLA1220 Battery Replacement: Gates Hawker X Cell 2V/5AH
COMP-274PANA   3V Coin Cell
COMP-109   3V Lithium Battery 3Pin & Clips COMP-109
LA1007.4   4-6V/10ah 24V SLA battery pack
DAYBRITE-06899   4.8V/800mAh NiCad Rechargeable Battery Day-Brite 06899
4/5AF   4/5AF: 1.2V/1200MAH NiCad Cell (same as ELB1210N)
4180384N75   4180384N75: Minitor IV Pager Spring for Belt Clip 1580384N73
4182974J01   4182974J01: Minitor II Spring Part of Spring Clip
4205638V02   4205638V02 has been replaced with part number 4205638V07
4205638V09   4205638V09: 2.5" Spring Belt Clip
4282421J06   4282421J06: Swivel 2.5" Belt Loop Hub
5005178K01   5005178K01: Earpiece w/o Volume Control, Item discontinued, no stock
53720   53720: Use Stock# HNN9720
53821   53821: Use Stock# NNTN4106
53863   53863: Use Stock# BDN6774
53865   53865: Use Stock# BDN6773
53866   53866: Use Stock# HMN8435
53871   53871: Motorola Battery Use Stock # NTN8971
53872   53872: Use Stock# NNTN4019
53874   53874: Use Stock# NNTN4077
53875   53875: Use Stock# NNTN4075
53877   53877: Use Stock# HNN9044
53879   53879: Use Stock# NNTN4028
56517   56517 Push To Talk Headset with in line microphone
56518   56518 Push To Talk Headset with Boom microphone
60D05276L0   60D05276L0 Motorola Minitor II Pager Battery, see NRN4974
6505757V01   6505757V01 Micro fuse 1Amp
67009254001   67009254001 Rubber Ear Tip Clear 10 Pack
6880309J85   6880309J85: Replacement Manual for WPLN4079
6881033B55   6881033B55: Service Guide For Minitor III, Item Discontinued
TROJAN T145   6V Trojan T-145 Golf Cart Battery
LEAD-6V-1.3P   6V/1.3AH Panasonic SLA Battery
LA7020   6V/1.8ah NiCD Exit light Battery Pack
LA628   6V/2.8 Powersonic Battery
SAFT 801064   6V/4AH NiCad Pack 5 cells SIDE-BY-SIDE
EN-1209   6Volt Heavy Duty Lantern Battery Carbon Zinc
AGBP210   7.2V / 1450mAh NiMH Battery
BNH-BKB1210   7.2V 2700mAh NiMH Battery
1704-1872   7.2V NiCad for Industrial Scientific SP402, This battery has been discontinued.
CAMF550   7.2V Thermal Image Camera Battery Equivalent to Sony np-f550, MSA-P/N 10038412 equivalent
AGQPA1200   7.2V/1200mAh NiCad Battery
CAMFM50   7.2V/1500mAh Lion Battery
SCOTT MSA EVOLUTION   7.2V/3800mAh NiMH Battery
SCOTT-EAGLE-1-IMAGER   7.2V/3800mAh NiMH Battery
SBP-200-ORG   7.2V/600mah NiCad battery case
AGBT049   7.2V/600mah NiCad battery pack
X152290   7.2V/600mAh NiCad Battery Pack
PC-DR30   7.2volt/3800mAh NiMH Replacement Battery PC-DR30
APPN4013A   7.5V/2000 NiMH Battery
AG70B32G   70-145/245 10.8v/1100 NiCD battery
AG70B12   70-152/252 12.5v/600 NiCD battery
AG70B11   70-152/70-252 12.5/600 battery
AG70B19   70-155/255 7.5v/1600 NiCD battery
AG70B75   70-195/295 7.5v/1200 NiCD battery
AG70B21   70-243B 9.6V/1000mah NiCD battery
AG70B35   70-B35 7.2V/600ma NiCD battery
AG70B36   70-B36 7.2V/1500ma NiCD battery
NOK-UB750N   750mAh Lithium Polymer Recharge
SL75914   75914: Streamlight Stinger Replacement Bulb
7862939B   7862939B: Minitor III Volume/Selector Knob Cover Replacement, Discontinued
8504762J01   8504762J01: Antenna VHF 136-155Mhz Flex Whip
8504762J08   8504762J08: Antenna 433-470mhz UHF Stubby (new part# PMAE4003A)
8505195H01   8505195H01: Antenna 30-35 MHz Heliflex
8505241U03   8505241U03: Motorola Original Antenna 806-869MHz 1/2 Wave
8505241U04   8505241U04 Antenna 896-941MHz 7" Whip
8505241U05   8505241U05: Motorola Original Antenna UHF 403-520MHz 6" Whip
8505241U06   8505241U06: Antenna 806-869MHz 4" Stub-Whip
8505241U11   8505241U11: Flexible Whip Antenna Dual Band 764-870 MHz 7"
8505247K06   8505247K06: Antenna 403-512Mhz 6.5" Whip
8505644V01   8505644V01:Motorola Helical 6" Antenna 136-151 MHz
8505644V02   8505644V02: Antenna 151-162MHz 6" Helical
8505644V03   8505644V03: Helical 6" Antenna 162-174 MHz
8505644V04   8505644V04: Antenna 403-435MHz 3" Stubby Heliflex
8505644V05   8505644V05: Antenna 435-470MHz 3" Stubby
8505644V06   8505644V06: Antenna 470-520mhz 3" Stubby
8505816K01   8505816K01: Antenna 136-150Mhz Heliflex 6.5", new part# HAD9728B
8505816K21   8505816K21: Antenna 150-162MHz Heliflex 6"
8505816K23   8505816K23: Antenna 162-174 MHz Heliflex 6"
8505816K24   8505816K24: Antenna 400-440Mhz 3" Stubby
8505816K25   8505816K25: Antenna 438-470Mhz 3" Stubby, DISCONTINUED
8505816K26   8505816K26: Antenna 470-512MHz Heliflex 3" Stubby
8505834W02   8505834W02: Antenna 150.8-162mhz Helical 5"
8505884R02   8505884R02: Antenna 896-941 MHz 8" Dipole, Discontinued item, substitute item in description
8538C81H03   8538C81H03: PowerSonic 6V/10AH SLA battery
8539C17H02   8539C17H02: PowerSonic 6V/4.5AH SLA battery
8562975A02   8562975A02: Motorola (VHF) Antenna for Amplified Charger Minitor III
8AA-C   9.6V 600mAh Pager/Commun Battery
SBP-917   9.6V/600mah NiCD Battery Pack
98625   98625 Motorola NFL Bezel Carry Case
ALK-10A   9V/33mAh Standard Alkaline Battery
AA-500C-PANA   AA-500-PANA: AA NiCD Cell 1.2V/500ma Panasonic
AA-700SANYO   AA-700: AA NiCD SANYO Cell 1.2V/700mAh
ALKAAAAEV   AAAA 1.5V alkaline Energizer
AAHLN9716   AAHLN9716: Audio Accessory Adapter (part# HLN9716)
AAHMN9052   AAHMN9052: Remote Speaker Microphone NON Noise Cancel
AAHMN9054   AAHMN9054: UHF Pub Safety Speaker Mic w/ Antenna (new part# RMN5075A)
AAHTN3000D   AAHTN3000: Motorola Single Unit Rapid Charger for HT750, new part number PMLN5197A
AAHTN3001C   AAHTN3001C: Single Unit Rapid Charger With Euro Plug
AAHTN3003   AAHTN3003D: 6 Port Rapid Charger, Discontinued No Substitute
AAPMTN4038   AAPMTN4038B: Rapid Rate Single Charger, discontinued with no substitute
AARKN4074   AARKN4074: Programming Test Cable to RIB, DISCONTINUED
AARKN4075   AARKN4075: Programming Cable (NO RIB) new part number RKN4075C
AARKN4081   AARKN4081: Motorola Original Ribless Programming Cable. Flash, new part# RKN4081
AARMN4018   AARMN4018B Motorola Lightweight headset w/swivel boom mic PTT
AARMN4019   AARMN4019: Medium Duty Headset w/PTT
AARMN4020   AARMN4020B: Heavy Duty Headset w/PTTVOX New Part# PMLN5276A
AARMN4021   AARMN4021: Earpiece Receiver Beige
AARMN4022   AARMN4022: Earpiece w/Mic & PTT Combined
AARMN4025C   AARMN4025C: Motorola Standard Compact Microphone
AARMN4028   AARMN4028: Earpiece Receive Only Black, Discontinued by Motorola
AARMN4029   AARMN4029A: Surveillance Earpiece w/PTT Microphone
AARMN4032   AARMN4032: Medium Duty Headset w/Boom Mic
AARMN4044   AARMN4044: Interface Module PTT Only
AARMN4045   AARMN4045: Interface Module PTTor VA - discontinued w/no substitute
ACCESS SLA6100   ACCESS BATTERY SLA6100 Battery Replacement: NOW 6V/12AH
ACCUSTAT 102   ACCUSTAT 102 Vital Sign Monitor Battery Replacement: NOW 6V/12AH
ADT 804208   ADT SECURITY 804208 Battery Replacement: NOW 6V/12AH
APS 106   ADVANCED POWER SYSTEMS APS106 Battery Replacement: NOW 6V/12AH

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